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Welcome to the captivating realm of Tiny Epic Cthulhu, an immersive COOPERATIVE game crafted for 1 to 4 players. Prepare to embark on a heart-pounding journey through the town of New Arkhamoore, where heroes find themselves entangled in a race against the relentless passage of time. Their noble quest? To unravel the enigmatic pages of the ancient Necronomicon, a sacred tome of unfathomable power. Only by deciphering its cryptic secrets can they hope to thwart the nefarious plans of the Great Old Ones, malevolent entities yearning to plunge our world into eternal darkness.

As heroes traverse the narrow streets and shadowy alleyways of New Arkhamoore, their minds brim with a sense of urgency. Each step they take brings them closer to salvation or the brink of annihilation. With every page translated, a glimmer of hope flickers amidst the encroaching darkness. The fate of humanity rests upon their shoulders, and the weight of this responsibility fuels their determination.

Within the confines of this captivating game, players will find themselves immersed in a world teetering on the precipice of chaos. The ancient Necronomicon, a tome steeped in eldritch lore, holds the key to salvation. Yet, deciphering its arcane language is no easy feat. Heroes must employ their wits, cunning, and teamwork to overcome the myriad challenges that lie in wait.

As the game unfolds, players will discover the true essence of cooperation. Each hero possesses unique abilities and skills, which, when combined, form a team that may just save our world!

In Tiny Epic Cthulhu, players will face the thrilling challenge of chaos, with three exciting modes of play to choose from. Start your adventure in Normal Mode, where you can test your skills and strategize your way through the game. Once you've mastered the basics, take on the ultimate challenge in Hard Mode, where the stakes are higher and the obstacles more formidable. But for those truly daring and courageous, the epic level of Madness Mode awaits.

Our spinner sets itself apart from its predecessors. It has been meticulously designed to optimize randomness! We have paid meticulous attention to ensuring equal mass distribution, precise spacing above the board, and a robust base. It is time to bid farewell to those outdated memories and join us in our enthusiasm for the innovative approach we have taken in creating and implementing our signature Wheel of Madness! 

Furthermore, we are collaborating with Dized to offer an enhanced digital version of the Wheel of Madness, complete with a mini expansion featuring an array of additional madness effects!

Experience the thrilling influx of chaos as it surges into New Arkhamoore! Give it a spin and behold the unpredictable madness that awaits your valiant group of heroes!

As our heroes navigate through treacherous realms and face unimaginable horrors, they will confront their deepest fears and test the limits of their strength and intellect. 

The burden of the world lies heavily on their shoulders as they endeavor to unravel the enigmatic script of the Necronomicon and fend off the abominable Shamblers. Only by doing so can they dare to dream of sealing the portals and expelling the Great Old One from existence.

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey, where every decision counts and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Will you rise to the occasion and emerge victorious, or will you succumb to the overwhelming power of the Great Old ones? The choice is yours, and the destiny of humanity rests in your hands.

All images, components, game mechanics, add-ons etc. shown of the game are subject to change per manufacturer's requirements and/or the publisher's preference for what is in the best interest of the game and the backers.

The artwork in Tiny Epic Cthulhu has been inspired by the horrors of the Lovecraftian lore and will invoke the feelings of the early twentieth century. The references are not meant to be historically accurate. \

What's in the Box

Deluxe Content

Deluxe Content

When you pledge for a Deluxe copy of Tiny Epic Cthulhu, you will receive the base game PLUS the Deluxe, Astral Artifacts, components shown above!

The Astral Artifacts mini expansion is a captivating addition that unveils long-forgotten relics from the past, offering invaluable assistance to our valiant heroes in their ongoing struggle. Imbued with cosmic energy, these artifacts were skillfully crafted by artisans of ancient times, only to be lost and concealed from the world for countless centuries. However, as the forces of the Old Ones began to stir, a courageous band of Heroes embarked on a perilous quest to recover these five extraordinary artifacts.

Harness the immense power bestowed upon you by these Astral Artifacts, and join forces with your fellow heroes to vanquish the Great Old Ones once and for all. The portal stands open, but time is rapidly slipping away. Embrace this opportunity to alter the course of destiny and secure a brighter future for all.

***Kickstarter-Limited Exclusivity - Deluxe content will not enter regular distribution. However, it will be available in limited supply at conventions, through contests, and directly from Gamelyn Games on our website or through our Amazon store.

Expansion Cult of Chaos

In the Cult of Chaos expansion, a wicked Cultist of the Shrine emerges, determined to thwart the players' efforts and empower the Great Old One. This malevolent figure seeks to plunge the world into eternal chaos and darkness.

The Cultist of the Shrine possesses the ability to traverse various locations, casting powerful incantations and summoning his devoted followers to wreak havoc upon the unfortunate town. These loyal disciples will go to great lengths to impede your progress and obstruct your path to victory.

Prepare to face the treacherous Cultist as he orchestrates his sinister plans, maneuvering strategically and employing dark magic to fulfill his nefarious objectives. Only by overcoming their malevolent schemes can you hope to restore order and prevent the world from descending into eternal darkness.

The Cult of Chaos expansion also features additional heroes to play, town locations to explore and Great Old Ones to defeat.

It comes in a box of the same height and width (1/2 the depth) and quality of Tiny Epic Cthulhu. Making them great for storing side by side!

The Cult of Chaos expansion is available in the 'Deluxe Bundle' rewards tier or as an add-on in the pledge manager service after the project.

Game Rules

Download the rulebook below for a full understanding of how the game plays!

Note: This is a work-in-progress rulebook and will be further edited before release.

Players of other Tiny Epic titles have praised our previous Dized Tutorials and Rules, and we decided to get it done for Tiny Epic Cthulhu too!

A Dized Tutorial is an interactive guide that walks you through your first game while you play. Dized Rules feature the full game rules with a built-in FAQ and a search function, allowing you to get rule clarifications in a matter of seconds!

You can try out our other Tiny Epic Dized Tutorials at

How to Play

1. Spin the Spinner:

  • Spinner action - Once the Spinner stops, the active player will access the location of the pointer. The active player will complete the Spinner Action.
  • Pull tentacles from the bag - The active player will pull tentacles from the Tentacle Draw Bag based on the number shown to the right of the Strength Token on the Great Old One mat.
  • Spawn a Shambler - The active player will add a Shambler matching the color from the Town Card based on where the tentacle end of the Spinner is indicating.
  • Move the Great Old One - Finally the active player will move the Great Old One to the Town Card where the Shambler was just placed.
  • Accurse the Great Old One - When the Great Old One Energy track receives a third Eldritch Tentacle, the track becomes Accursed.Take all Eldritch Tentacles, those on the Energy Track and the one just drawn, along with all Madness and Chaos Tentacles on the Discard Mat and place them in the Tentacle Draw Bag. Then move the Strength Token to the right one space.
  • Accurse a Town card - When any Madness track on a Town card receives a fourth Madness Tentacle, the track becomes Accursed. Take all Madness Tentacles, those on the accursed Madness Track and the one just drawn, and place them on the bottom of the Shambler Mat on the matching color areas. Then resolve the matching power from the Great Old One mat.

2. Player Actions

  • Move Town cards - A player may move around town in either direction, but may not move through or stop on the Great Old One’s location. If the Great Old One is on your location at the start of your turn, then you must use an action to move away from them. The number of Town Cards a player may move is dependent on the number of tentacles on their Fear Track.
  • Collect Tentacles - The player collects Madness Tentacles from the Town Card where they are currently located. They may collect Madness Tentacles based on the number of tentacles on their Greed Track.
  • Banish a Shambler - When the Cthulhu Dice are rolled, the highest number of tentacles shown on a single die is the number of Madness Tentacles that must be spent from your Player Mat. The tentacles spent must match the color of the Shambler being banished. If the highest number is on more than one die, do not add them together
  • Translate a Page - The active player may Translate a Page Card at their current location. Translate by removing the matching Madness Tentacles shown on the Page Card from your Player Mat and place them on the Discard Mat. You may spend one Chaos Tentacle as a wild tentacle, and if spent it goes in the general supply.
  • Page Tokens on the Necronomicon - Take the Page Tokens shown on the Page Card and place them on the Necronomicon in the left-most spaces available for the numbers indicated. If a column or row of pages is completed, remove the associated Chaos Tentacle and place it on the Discard Mat.

3. Win the game... or die trying.

  • Completing the Necronomicon - Once all the pages are filled in on the Necronomicon, translation is complete. 
  • Flip the Great Old One card - Immediately flip the Great Old One Mat to its opposite side and move the Strength Token to the start of the Strength Track on the new side.
  • Attack the Great Old One to close the Portal! - Roll the Cthulhu Dice. The number of dice you can roll will depend on the number of runes, matching the color of the portal you have chosen, shown on your translated Page Cards. You may roll one Cthulhu Die for each rune you have of the matching color, up to three. Add up the tentacle symbols on all rolled Cthulhu Dice. If that number is equal to or  greater than the number on the chosen portal, you have succeeded! 

Find out more about Tiny Epic Cthulhu and join the conversation HERE on BGG.

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Reward Tiers

Note: Additional copies and add-ons may be added in the pledge management system after the project.

After nearly 30 crowdfunded projects and the feedback of thousands of backers, we've decided to include the potential stretch goals as part of the core offering. We're including all the premium upgrades and extra components that we'd normally offer as stretch goals right out the gate! We're committed to quality and committed to giving you the very best version of the game!

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What is Tiny Epic

"Tiny Epic" is an exclusive series of small box games produced by Gamelyn Games and designed by Scott Almes.

Each game in the series is entirely unique but strictly adheres to two core values: TINY and EPIC!

• TINY being the small box used for each game AND the simple, easy to understand, set of rules each possesses.

• EPIC being their surprisingly gratifying gameplay. Each is packed with meaningful decisions, layered strategy, and high replay ability, traits not typically found in games this size.

To learn more about the series, please visit us online.

Gamelyn Games

Gamelyn Games, LLC is a game publishing company fueled by passion, operating from Arizona. Our utmost priority is our customers! We guarantee friendly and prompt service and communication, ensuring your satisfaction.

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Available Rewards:

$40USD + Shipping


💲 BEST DEAL! 20% Savings!
🦑 INCLUDES Kickstarter Limited-Exclusive Deluxe Content
💀 INCLUDES Cult of Chaos expansion!
🖨️ INCLUDES Premium Print & Play of included content.



🖨️ This digital reward includes DIY game files using art from the final production.
🖨️ Includes Deluxe and Cult of Chaos digital content.
❌ No physical components are included.

$25USD + Shipping


❌ DOES NOT include Deluxe content or Cult of Chaos expansion.
❌ DOES NOT include Premium Print & Play content.

$30USD + Shipping


🦑 INCLUDES Kickstarter Limited-Exclusive Deluxe Content
🖨️ INCLUDES Premium Print & Play of included content.
❌ DOES NOT include Cult of Chaos expansion.

$75USD + Shipping


🦑 INCLUDES Kickstarter Limited-Exclusive Deluxe Content
💀 INCLUDES Cult of Chaos expansion!
🖨️ INCLUDES Premium Print & Play of included content.

$350USD + Shipping


🦑 INCLUDES Kickstarter Limited-Exclusive Deluxe Content
💀 INCLUDES Cult of Chaos expansion!
🖨️ INCLUDES Premium Print & Play backup of included content.

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